The .dev TLD

Welcome to A new domain in my namesake. When Google announced they would open up a new TLD it sparked an idea to create a domain of my very own. I’ve used free sub-domains in the past from simply for convenient access to my home computers, but I decided I want to carve out my own piece of the web.

Google enforces the use of HTTPS on .dev sites be means of HSTS. I have generated self-signed certs in the past, but I had no experience getting one from a CA which I would certainly need. That’s where Let’s Encrypt comes in. A CA which is free was great news for my new little hobby project.

Please bear with me with respect to the WordPress theme or lack thereof. I’ll hopefully be giving this blog a face-lift in the near future.

In the following posts I will be building the WordPress server that this very page is serving from. Running on my own personal hardware using Virtualization and Containerization to power the application. I’ll be adding in Let’s Encrypt containers to generate valid TLS certificates.

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